Top Tourist Attractions in Canada: 25 Must-Visit Places

Canada is a paradise of natural wonders, wildlife, and outdoor adventures where every turn is like a feast to the senses.

From the smoking Niagara waterfalls and breathtaking landscapes of Cape Breton to culturally rich European flairs of Old Montreal and Old Quebec.

Prepare to be spellbound by the breathtaking sceneries from the 25 top tourist attractions in Canada!

Key Takeaways

  • Some of the top tourist attractions in Canada include Niagara Falls, CN Tower, Old Quebec, Old Montreal, Okanagan Valley, etc.
  • Some of the Canadian places best to visit during summer are Banff National Park, Rocky Mountains, Vancouver Island, Hornby Island, Cape Breton, etc.
  • The best Canadian places to visit during winter are Churchill, Rideau Canal, and Hotel De Glacé.

Top Tourist Attractions in Canada

1. Niagara Falls

image showing niagara falls

If you think all you can do in Niagara Falls is to sightsee and take pictures of the magical falls, you are mistaken! You can hop on many fun adventures in Niagara Falls more than you think.

There’s the Niagara City Cruise, Whirlpool Aero Car, Incline Railway, Niagara Helicopters, and the 360 Skylon Tower, all to get the best view of the falls.

If you’re seeking thrill and challenge, try the Journey Behind the Falls, the haunted house Nightmares Fear Factory, Niagara FreeFall, WildPlay zipline, and skydiving.

2. Banff National Park

Banff National Park is one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Canada, boasting its majestic mountains and lakes, perfect for mountaineering, hiking, and climbing.

You can engage in many activities, like paddling on the turquoise waters of Lake Louise, hiking Banff National Park Trails, mountain biking at Banff National Park, gondola trips, and swimming in hot springs.

3. The Rocky Mountains

If you want to feel like you’re at the peak of the Earth, the Rocky Mountains are where you should climb! This geological wonder is very iconic because of the extraordinary rock formations.

The mountain is perfect for nature lovers and adventure seekers, where you can enjoy nature’s tranquillity. Try hiking, camping, wildlife viewing, and soaking in the hot spring resorts.

4. Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is an island treat for all beach-goers as there are a lot of exciting activities to engage in, like sunbathing and swimming on beaches, kayaking in the Pacific Ocean, and whale watching.

Some of the notable landmarks on the island that are worth going to are the capital city of Victoria, Butchart Gardens, Pacific Rim National Park, Tofino, and Hot Springs Cove.

5. CN Tower

image showing cn tower
Image Credit: ElasticComputeFarm | Pixabay

Did you know that before Burj Khalifa, Canada had CN Tower as the tallest structure in the world? And now, CN Tower is still one of the most prominent structures in Canada, symbolizing innovation and limitless potentiality.

To get the best 360-degree view of Toronto, avail of the Timed General Admission Tickets and access the main observation deck or Skypod.

If your guts are shouting for something more thrilling, try out their signature Edgewalk where you can walk hands-free around the t

6. Whistler

Whistler in British Columbia is one of the best places to visit in Canada during the summer and winter due to the number of activities available, like biking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and more.

In case you are visiting Whistler, take the opportunity to explore Whistler Blackcomb, the Whistler Village, the Lost Lake Park, and ride the peak 2-peak gondola from Whistler to Blackcomb.

7. Polar Bears of Churchill

With over 15,000 polar bears found in Churchill, it is the world’s polar bear capital! If you like these white fluffy animals, expert tour guides will teach you literally anything about them.

Not only do polar bears you can enjoy looking at, but you can also have a great view of the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Light dancing across the sky.

Moreover, If you want to see some Beluga Whales, you may opt for boat tours available to meet them up close.

8. Parliament Hill

The heartbeat of Canadian democracy, Parliament Hill resonates from the architecture and stunning vistas, and the best way to explore Parliament Hill is to take a guided tour.

There’s no other way to start your Ottawa Parliament Hill adventure to explore the Parliament buildings and areas like Center Block, Confederations Square, National Gallery of Canada, and more. 

9. Old Quebec

Walking around the UNESCO World Heritage Site Old Quebec is like walking around 400 hundred years ago with European charm—from cobblestone pavements to preserved colonial period buildings and fortifications like the Citadel.

You can explore landmarks like Chateau Frontenac, Fortifications of Quebec, Place Royale, and Citadelle of Quebec.

10. Stanley Park

image showing stanley park
Image Credit: Jeff Kingma | Pixabay

A paradise at the heart of Vancouver City—Stanley Park has been a go-to for city dwellers because of its widely varied scenic and green views, from beautifully-made gardens, mountains, and majestic waters, to famous monuments and tourist landmarks that you can enjoy.

You can take on exciting guided tours around the urban park, ride the Stanley Park train, have a good day picnic, wander along the Seawall, and play some sports at their freedom parks.

I recommend visiting the Vancouver Aquarium and discovering over 60,000 aquatic animals from hundreds of top-notch exhibits available. A few meters away from the Aquarium is the Waterfall Cafe, where you can dine while taking in the subaquatic views of the Aquarium.

11. Old Montreal

Old Montreal is where you can get a taste of Europe! You’ll undoubtedly receive a London or Paris vibe from its architecture and curving cobblestone streets to its traditional restaurants, sidewalk cafes, galleries, and shops.

Some great places in Old Montreal to wander are the Old Port, where the Big Ben-look-alike Clock Tower and the giant Ferris wheel are located, and the Place d’Armes, where you can see the Notre Dame Basilica and the historical bank of Montreal.

Finally, never miss dining at one of the restaurants on the oldest street in Montreal, the Rue Saint-Paul!

12. Bay of Fundy

If you haven’t seen thundering waves reaching 16 meters up in the air, the Bay of Fundy is the place to go! The Bay of Fundy is like a small inlet in the Atlantic Ocean with incredible high tides, the biggest in the world.

More than the high tides, you can try numerous engaging activities, like watching the waves at Hopewell Cape, whale watching, exploring the sea caves, and admiring the waterfalls around the national park. 

13. Gros Morne National Park

Isn’t it awesome to see a freshwater fjord surrounded by sharp green cliffs and waterfalls? Like what they have in Norway, you’ll encounter that when you go to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gros Morne National Park.

This world-class national park lets you experience out-of-this-world scenery with its cruising activities at Western Brook Pond, trekking Gros Morne’s Mountain, and picnicking at the Lobster Cove Head lighthouse with a sight of the rocky beaches.

14. Rideau Canal

Once October begins and water bodies start to freeze, it’s time to wear your best ice skating attire and experience skating at the world’s most iconic and longest rink, the Rideau Canal!

Would you believe me if I told you that Rideau Canal skating is free 24/7? Indeed, many people are flocking to these rinks to practice or enjoy with friends or families.

More than the ice skating activity during winter, the canal provides many activities during other seasons, like cycling, canal cruise, kayaking, dragon racing, hiking, paddling, fishing, and so much more.

15. The Okanagan Valley

image showing the okanagan valley
Image Credit: bradbc3 | Pixabay

The Okanagan Valley in British Columbia is one of the best places to visit in Canada for couples as they produce some of Canada’s award-winning wines! The most famous vineyard you must see, Naramata Bench, has almost 40 wineries you can sample, including the Merlot.

While the premier wines draw tourists into the valley, there is a lot more to appreciate in this place. These include hiking the Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park in Kelowna, cycling the 480-km Kettle Valley Rail Trail, swimming, and river-floating in the Okanagan Lake.

16. Hotel De Glace, Quebec

Hotel de Glace is probably one of the unique places to visit in Canada because it’s not just an ordinary hotel but made of ice and snow!

Your stay at the hotel includes various winter activities like ice skating, snowshoeing, and ice fishing.

17. Athabasca Falls

Typically, waterfalls in Canada are tall in perspective, but it’s not the case for the majestic Athabasca Falls in Alberta. Standing at only 23 meters, the falls are one of the shortest but the most powerful due to the large volume of freshwater.

The Athabasca Falls is one of the best places to visit in Canada with family. You can do many family-friendly activities here, including walking and hiking while enjoying the fall’s scenic view and relaxing sound.

18. St John’s

St. John’s is home to many of Canada’s historical and natural wonders, and one thing the place has become famous for is the “Jellybean Row,” which are colourful row houses.

Some of the most notable locations in St. John’s that you should visit are the Signal Hill National Historic Site with a 360 panoramic view of the city and sea, Cape Spear Lighthouse for hiking and whale watching, the cute Quidi Vidi fishing village, and the Basilica of St.John the Baptist.

19. Tofino

Tofino in Vancouver Islands is the best out-and-out surfing spot in Canada! Whether a beginner or a hustler, you’ll surely enjoy surfing here.

Aside from surfing, Tofino is also a prime destination for a couple more water activities like whale watching, kayaking, and sport fishing.

Not only can you engage with the ocean, but hiking trails are pretty popular in Tofino. Take on the most famous Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, with many hiking trails.

20. Algonquin Provincial Park

image showing the algonquin provincial park
Image Credit: Denise Riches | Pixabay

Algonquin Provincial Park is another natural wonder of Canada in the heart of Ontario. It is famous for its 2000+ pristine lakes, 1000+ km of rivers, and rolling mountains.

As a true backpacker’s paradise, Algonquin provides you with many outdoor activities, like camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and wildlife viewing.

21. Butchart Gardens

If you love to be hugged by nature, predominantly plants and flowers, I am sure you’ll love the sound of a 22-ha garden, right?

In British Columbia, the Butchart Gardens is a 100+-year-old heritage site of Canada with a whopping 26 greenhouses and 900 plant varieties, all arranged beautifully. Around 50 gardeners you can meet to ask questions and get advice.

At night, you can see these flowers bloom a lot brighter with their night illumination event, displaying a

The garden is open from 9 AM to 10 PM, tickets are commonly purchased online from $20-$40, and discounted rates apply to youth and children.

22. Cabot Trail

If you like the idea of cycling or riding with panoramic coastal views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Cape Breton beaches, then Cabot Trail is something you should consider!

As one of the best trails in Nova Scotia, there are numerous things you can do along these 300-km loops, such as whale watching at various stopping points, fishing, golfing, and so much more.

23. Green Gables

Have you heard of the classic children’s literature “Anne of Green Gables” by Lucy Montgomery? To tell you, the setting of the 20th-century novel is actually a real place in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, and has become a world landmark!

Not only the green farm heritage house that will keep you in PEI but a lot more! There’s the beautiful Lover’s Lane and Haunted woods you can wander through, Montgomery Park to have a picnic, visit Anne of Green Gables Museum, dress up like Anne at Shop and Play at Gateway Village, and watch the “Anne of Green Gables: The Musical” at Charlottetown.

Don’t forget to get some books or gifts from the Anne of Green Gables Store or try Anne’s favourite raspberry cordial drink at Anne of Green Gables Chocolates!

24. Hornby Island

The “Little Hawaii” of British Columbia, Hornby Island, is one of the best places to visit in Canada during the summer because of its pristine white sandy beaches, cliffs, and lush forests.

Among the famous beaches are Hornby Island Beach, Little Tribune Bay Beach, Whaling Station Bay, Fossil Beach, and Mushroom Beach. On the other hand, you can experience the best hiking or biking places are Geoffrey Escarpment Provincial Park and Helliwell Provincial Park.

25. Cape Breton

image showing cape breton in nova scotia
Image Credit: Kent Tubman | Pixabay

Did you know that Cape Breton has been awarded by various travel media for five consecutive years as the #1 island for travel and leisure in Canada and the world?

One way to experience the breathtaking and mystifying landscapes of Cape Breton on a different level is to try their famous hiking trails—Skyline, Franey, Acadian, Fishing Cove, Aspy, and Middle Head Trails are just some of the few.

The tourism of Cape Breton even prepared you for a 7-day hike to the island’s most beautiful and hidden gems, where you can see lighthouses and waterfalls and experience impeccable sunset views. Plus, there is a list of recommended restaurants and hotels for you.


What is Canada famous for?

Canada is known to have a multicultural society where people are more open to a safer and more diverse environment promoting inclusivity. Aside from that, Canada is also blessed to have many spectacular landscapes, forests, and crystal-clear lakes.

What is the #1 tourist attraction in Canada?

Visited by millions of tourists worldwide, there is no doubt that Niagara Falls is the number 1 tourist attraction in Canada located on the border between Ontario, Canada, and New York, United States. With its massive size and remarkable beauty, it truly captivates many tourists.

What is the most beautiful city in Canada?

Canada has a lot of unique and beautiful cities that you can visit, but the one that stands out is Vancouver. With its impeccable scenery and the combination of mountains and oceans, it will surely captivate your heart.

Why do tourists visit Canada?

Canada has majestic places that offer one-of-a-kind travel experiences with its beautiful mountains and landscapes that keep tourists coming back. Other than natural beauty, Canadian citizens are known for their hospitality and rich cultural diversity that offers inclusivity for all tourists, making them feel safe and welcome.


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