The 15 Habits That Irritate Generation Z

Growing up in a world of smartphones and social media, Gen Z has a unique set of likes and dislikes. But have you ever wondered what really gets under their skin? From old-school office habits to out-of-touch online behavior, certain things just don’t sit well with this young crowd.

In this article, I’ll list 15 habits that tend to drive Gen Z nuts. Get ready to learn what makes Gen Z say “OK, Boomer” and why these habits bug them so much.

Overusing emojis

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Gen Z prefers subtle communication. Using too many emojis, especially the older or “cringe” ones, can make you seem out of touch. They often use emojis ironically or sparingly. If you’re not sure how to use them, it’s better to stick to text or a few well-chosen emojis.

Calling instead of texting

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Most Gen Z-ers prefer texting to calling. Unexpected phone calls can feel intrusive or anxiety-inducing. Unless it’s urgent, try sending a text first. This gives them time to prepare for a call or respond when it’s convenient.

Slow texting

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Gen Z is used to quick, real-time communication. Taking hours or days to respond to a text can be seen as rude or disinterested. While instant replies aren’t always possible, try to acknowledge messages promptly, even if it’s just to say you’ll respond later.

Using outdated slang

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Nothing screams “out of touch” like using old slang. Words like “groovy” or “rad” might get you an eye roll. If you’re not sure about current slang, it’s best to use plain language. Gen Z appreciates authenticity over forced coolness.

Ignoring climate change

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Gen Z is deeply concerned about the environment. Dismissing climate change or not making eco-friendly choices can be a big turn-off. They appreciate efforts to reduce waste, recycle, and support sustainable practices.

Being judgmental about social media use

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Social media is a big part of Gen Z’s life. Criticizing them for using it too much or not understanding its importance can create a divide. Instead, try to understand how they use these platforms for communication, learning, and self-expression.

Expecting instant career success

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Gen Z knows the job market is tough. They don’t like being told they should have a high-paying job right out of school. They appreciate honest conversations about career growth and the challenges they might face.

Overusing Facebook

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While Gen Z uses many social platforms, Facebook is seen as outdated or for older folks. If you’re trying to connect with Gen Z online, platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Discord might be better choices.

Being inflexible about work

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Gen Z values work-life balance and flexibility. Strict 9-to-5 schedules or being against remote work can be a big turn-off. They appreciate employers who focus on results rather than just time spent at a desk.

Assuming they’re all the same

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Gen Z is a diverse group with varied interests and views. Lumping them all together or making broad assumptions about their habits or preferences can be irritating. They appreciate being seen as individuals.

Dismissing mental health concerns

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Mental health is a big priority for Gen Z. Phrases like “just cheer up” or not taking mental health seriously can be very off-putting. They value open conversations about mental well-being and appreciate support in this area.

Oversharing on social media

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While Gen Z uses social media a lot, they’re also privacy-conscious. Constantly posting personal details or oversharing about family members (especially without consent) is seen as uncool and potentially harmful.

Being close-minded about gender and sexuality

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Gen Z is generally open and accepting of diverse gender identities and sexual orientations. Using outdated terms or expressing confusion about these topics can be seen as insensitive. They appreciate efforts to learn and understand.

Expecting constant availability

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Just because Gen Z is always online doesn’t mean they want to be available 24/7. Expecting immediate responses at all hours, especially for work or school, can feel intrusive. They value their downtime and the ability to disconnect when needed.

Being technologically inept

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While no one expects perfection, refusing to learn basic tech skills can be frustrating for Gen Z. They appreciate when older generations make an effort to understand new technologies, even if they don’t master them.

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