The Best Romantic Winter Getaways for Couples: Europe, USA & More

Winter is not just a season; it’s the perfect time for couples to enjoy romantic getaways. The world becomes a winter wonderland, with snow-covered landscapes and cozy atmospheres that set the stage for love to grow. 

Let’s explore some of the best winter getaways for couples, promising unforgettable moments and cherished memories.

Key Takeaways

  • The best romantic winter getaways in Europe include Bergen, Norway, and Tuscany, Italy.
  • New York, New York, and Aspen, Colorado, are some of the best romantic winter vacation spots in the USA.
  • Tour the Maldives, Negril, Jamaica, and Cancun, Mexico, if you prefer a tropical couple’s retreat.

Best Winter Getaways for Couples

The Maldives

It’s difficult to imagine a more romantic place than the Maldives. Couples seeking to escape the cold will find more than just warm weather and sunny skies. The white-sand beaches and shimmering blue waters are some of the most captivating features.

Credit: Mike Swigunski, Unsplash

Aspen, Colorado

Few mountain towns have the prestige and charm of Aspen. It’s also endlessly enchanting in the winter when fresh snow turns the alpine landscape into a real-life winter wonderland, inspiring romance. 

Couples can spend days skiing on the groomed slopes, riding the gondola for breathtaking views, exploring the Nordic trail system, and ice skating. At night, the award-winning restaurants and bars buzz with excitement.

aspen colorado-img
Credit: Joshua Sukoff, Unsplash

New York, USA

Imagine taking a horse-drawn carriage in Central Park, ice skating, and having a meal in a cozy outdoor igloo or sipping drinks on a rooftop under the starry sky. New York is a perfect romantic winter escape for couples. Even though the city is usually very busy, it feels calm and peaceful during the colder months.

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Credit: Matteo Catanese, Unsplash

Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh is a captivating experience for your senses. It’s known for vibrant markets, the lively Jamaa el Fna square, the beautiful Majorelle Garden, and charming houses called riads where you can enjoy stunning sunsets from the rooftops. What’s great about Marrakesh in winter is the pleasant weather and clear skies.

Credit: Annie Spratt, Unsplash

Bergen, Norway

Bergen is a fantastic place to begin your journey across Norway, exploring the scenic fjords. Couples can find cozy accommodations along the famous waterfront, Bryggen, and enjoy rides on the mountain’s breathtaking funiculars. Don’t miss the chance to take a ferry and marvel at Norway’s picturesque hill-surrounded water routes.

Credit: Miguel Ángel Sanz, Unsplash

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Have you ever thought about visiting a beautiful place? Picture Italy’s Amalfi Coast and you won’t be disappointed. Along the winding roads and steep cliffs in Campania, Italy, you’ll find a perfect setting for romance, even with winter temperatures in the mid-50s. 

Positano, famous for its colorful buildings, is a must-visit spot. For a more budget-friendly stay, consider booking accommodations in the towns of Amalfi or Praiano.

amalfi coast italy-wd-img

Tuscany, Italy

If you’re curious about Italy’s hidden gems, here’s a secret waiting to be unveiled: winter in Tuscany.

It’s the perfect time for couples to meander through the tranquil rolling hills, explore charming medieval towns, and savor the delights of local wineries. In contrast to the vibrant summer, winter offers a more intimate and peaceful experience.

tuscany italy-wd-img
Credit: Fabrizio Lunardi, Unsplash

Negril, Jamaica

If you prefer a tropical getaway, consider Negril in Jamaica. With its white sandy beaches and relaxed vibe, it’s the perfect destination for couples seeking a romantic retreat. Indulge in the luxury of all-inclusive resorts for an extra pampering touch, and don’t miss the enchanting experience of sunset walks along the picturesque Seven Mile Beach.


London, United Kingdom

Are you planning a winter adventure in London? Imagine strolling around, checking out the big landmarks, and then popping into small cafes, cute bookshops, and cozy pubs to stay warm. 

December in London is super festive, with decorations and the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. 

But don’t miss out on the quieter charm of January and February. It’s the perfect time for couples to catch a theatre show in the West End and stay at Beaverbrook Town House, a classy hideout in Chelsea.

Credit: Charles Postiaux, Unsplash

Cancun, Mexico

Looking for the ultimate winter getaway? Cancun is the perfect choice, especially if you love sunny days. 

Picture yourself relaxing on beautiful beaches, discovering ancient Mayan ruins, and dancing until dawn in lively clubs. It’s a fantastic mix of chill vibes and thrilling experiences that couples will adore.

Credit: Aman, Unsplash


What makes the Maldives a romantic winter destination?

The Maldives offers more than warm weather and sunny skies. Its white-sand beaches and shimmering blue waters create a captivating and romantic atmosphere.

Why is Aspen, Colorado, considered a winter wonderland for couples?

Aspen’s fresh snow turns the alpine landscape into a real-life winter wonderland. Couples can enjoy skiing, breathtaking views, Nordic trails, and award-winning restaurants for a romantic experience.

When is the best time to experience the quieter charm of London, United Kingdom?

London in winter offers a festive atmosphere with decorations and the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. January and February provide a quieter charm, making it a perfect time for couples to catch a theatre show and stay at a classy hideout in Chelsea.

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