Top 10 Friendliest European Countries to Visit in 2024

Hey there, fellow travelers! Ever wondered where the friendliest spots in Europe are? 

Well, we’ve got you covered! Check out our latest guide for the top 10 friendliest European countries.

Whether you love friendly places or just want to explore nice cities, this list has a spot for you.

Key Takeaways

  • From Ireland’s vibrant culture to Italy’s La Dolce Vita, each destination promises warm welcomes and incredible experiences.
  • Discover the charm of Finland, the warmth of Iceland, and the captivating spirit of Spain.
  • Some of the friendliest cities in Europe are Siena, Italy, and Cork, Ireland. 
  • Examples of the unfriendliest in Europe are Paris, France; Dublin, Ireland; and Moscow, Russia.

Top Friendliest Countries in Europe

1. Ireland

Ireland keeps winning! Everyone says its people are friendly and welcoming, making it the best for friendliness in Europe.

Dublin has pubs and fun all over the place, but if you venture out, you’ll find awesome nature, too. Check out Giant’s Causeway with its cool rock columns made by a volcano or the towering Cliffs of Moher with amazing views of islands and mountains. It’s an adventure you won’t forget.

2. Greece

Greece, a nation of numerous islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, is renowned for beach clubs, whitewashed villages, and seaside cities.

From luxurious Santorini to authentic Paros, Greece offers breathtaking sunsets, azure waters, and faultless hospitality. The capital, Athens, boasts Roman landmarks, notably the Acropolis Citadel with the iconic Parthenon.

Temple of Apollo - Enoch - Greece
Image credit: Enoch Omololu | Only Earthlings

3. Portugal

Portugal’s Atlantic coast entices those seeking authentic seaside charm and culture. 

Sun-drenched beaches stretch for miles, dotted with villages nestled among fields and dunes. History buffs will love the 16th to 19th-century architecture, while foodies can indulge in dishes like grilled sardines and salt fish.

While Lisbon and Porto offer undeniable buzz, Portugal’s true magic unfolds in these lesser-known corners. Pack your sense of adventure and let the Atlantic spirit of Portugal captivate you.

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4. Denmark

Denmark, the heart of the Viking empire, serves as a bridge between Northern Europe and Scandinavia. Explore its rich history through historic cemeteries, housing around 86,000 burial mounds dating back to the Bronze Ages. 

Transition to modernity with vibrant waterfront streets in Denmark and Aalborg’s futuristic House of Music, known for lively concerts.

5. The Netherlands

The Netherlands, the land of open smiles and endless tulips, makes this “nicest nations” list for a reason! Dutch kindness is legendary, welcoming you with open arms to Amsterdam’s canal-laced beauty, Anne Frank’s poignant legacy, and chic hotels galore. 

There are rolling tulip fields, windmills that stand sentinel, and Rotterdam’s harbor that hums with maritime life. In this land of windmills and canals, you’ll discover a spirit of open-heartedness.

6. Italy

Italy, famed for stunning beaches, Renaissance art, and Roman architecture, captivates with its allure. The new Queen Consort, Camilla, cherishes it, having spent childhood summers in Ischia. 

Beyond that, Italy embodies romance, a zest for life, and unbridled enthusiasm, from the majestic Dolomites to the glamorous shores of Lake Como.

7. Finland

Finland offers year-round charm with its sun-drenched northern regions in summer and snow-covered winter landscapes. 

Explore Helsinki’s historic wooden districts, trek through 40 diverse national parks, or even visit Santa’s official HQ in Rovaniemi—it’s open all year. There are forests, lakes, and friendly faces in Finland waiting to be explored, one adventure at a time.

8. Iceland

Unlike any other land, Iceland was forged by fire and ice. Mountain ranges, black beaches, and steaming lava fields—this island nation is full of ancient secrets. Dive into geothermal pools, witness 20 whale species dancing offshore, and savor a unique food scene brimming with fresh seafood and fermented delights. 

Icelandic charm isn’t just in the landscapes; it’s in the warm welcome of the locals who call this volcanic wonderland home. 

Image Credit: 12019 | Pixabay

9. Turkey

Turkey blends European and Asian elements, offering a fusion of Eastern and Western influences in food and architecture. With a history linked to figures like Cleopatra and Alexander the Great, Turkey boasts fishing villages and alleyways adorned with pink bougainvillea. 

From the enchanting “Fairy Chimneys” in Cappadocia to Istanbul’s Blue Mosque and vibrant bazaars, friendly locals eagerly welcome you into their way of life.

10. Spain

Spain is a diverse mix of cultures, traditions, and historical wonders. With 50 provinces and 17 autonomous regions, the nation spans from the bustling capital of Barcelona to the alpine city of Rhonda, offering cliffs, beaches, and vibrant towns. 

Whether you’re drawn to the Sagrada Familia or Cala Macarelleta Beach, it’s the welcoming people that define your visit to this extraordinary country.

What Are the Friendliest European Cities?

 According to the 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards, the friendliest cities in Europe are:

  • Siena, Italy: Step back in time to old-world Italy in Siena, with cozy cafes, amazing views, and history around every corner.
  • Cork, Ireland: Discover a lively city on the River Lee, full of delicious food, art, and friendly Irish vibes.
  • Dublin, Ireland: Explore a city alive with stories and fun, from book-filled libraries to pubs with music and laughter.

On the flip side, it’s essential to be aware of the less friendly ones. Here are some examples of the least-friendly cities in Europe:

  • Paris, France: 36% of survey-takers rated Paris as the unfriendliest city in Europe, according to 
  • Budapest, Hungary: 17.5% of people surveyed rated Budapest as the third rudest city in Europe, based on a survey from Ceoworld magazine. 
  • Moscow, Russia: Moscow, in a survey made by Travel + Leisure magazine, was rated as the unfriendliest city in Europe.


What is the statistically best country to live in?

The statistically best country to live in varies based on individual preferences. Factors such as quality of life, healthcare, and overall happiness contribute to a country’s appeal.

What are the least friendly countries in Europe?

While Europe is generally known for its friendliness, perceptions may differ. However, genuine warmth can be found in the majority of European nations.

Which country is most welcoming to foreigners?

Ireland is often cited as one of the most welcoming countries to foreigners, with its friendly locals and inclusive atmosphere.

What is the least friendly city in Europe?

Determining the least friendly city in Europe is subjective and can vary based on personal experiences. However, promoting understanding and positive interactions enhances the overall travel experience.


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