The Top Travel Agencies in Calgary in 2024

Want your next trip to be hassle-free? Using a travel agency in Calgary is the perfect solution. Travel agencies plan and arrange every detail of your trip, so all you have to do is hop on a plane and enjoy the attractions and activities your chosen destination has to offer.

We have compiled some of the best travel agencies in Calgary’s NE, SW, NW, downtown, Chinatown, and other locations below.

Best Travel Agencies in Calgary

1. Airline Ticket Centre

With more than 25 years of experience, Airline Ticket Centre guarantees to offer the best price for its deals. This Canadian-owner travel agency offers vacation package deals for Punta Cana, Mayan Rivera, Varadero, Las Vegas, Los Cabos, Hawaii, and many others. They can also book cruises and euro packages, hotels, car rentals, and tours on your behalf.

Airline Ticket Centre has a Travel Now, Pay Later package. Once you qualify, your credit will be approved within minutes, and tickets will be issued immediately after approval.

2. Flight Centre

Flight Centre prides itself on having an extensive flight network to give you the best airfare deals. They offer flights to almost all destinations, including Edmonton, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Melbourne, and Mexico City.

They regularly feature handpicked travel deals, such as a 5-star luxury tour in London for two and a 3-day Disneyland Hopper pass for two.

Flight Centre has a Real Deal page on its site, where you can find the best deals on airfares, tours, cruises, and everything in between. Check out this page to enjoy New York, Antigua, Bahamas, Cancun, and other locations without breaking the bank.

3. Serendipity Solutions

Whether you’re travelling alone, with your partner, or with a large group, Serendipity Solutions can arrange your dream vacation. They have packages for sunny and cultural destinations, as well as destinations for adventurers. They also feature popular trips, like the 7-day cruise to Alaska, a 21-night Western Africa voyage, and a 9-day trip around Britain. 

4. Boulevard Travel

Boulevard Travel specializes in planning corporate, team, vacation, and wedding travel. Their site is full of positive customer reviews, indicating the quality of service they provide.  

Because of their 30-year experience in the industry, Boulevard Travel can easily manage the logistics of your trip, so you don’t have to. They can plan your family vacations, weekend getaways, cultural experiences, and luxury trips with 5-star accommodation and dining reservations.

5. The Travel Agent Next Door

The Travel Agent Next Door makes it easy to find the perfect travel agent. Provide details about your trip, and the site will recommend several travel agents who fit the bill. You can check the product, destination, and language expertise of each travel agent by clicking on their profiles.

If you like what you see, you can contact the travel agent by phone (their numbers are provided on the site) or leave a message, and the two of you can start discussing your travel plans.

6. New Age Travel and Services

Your dream of experiencing an authentic van life becomes a reality with New Age Travel and Services. This travel agency specializes in camper van rentals around Calgary.

Renting a camper van from New Age Travel and Services is hassle-free as they’ll provide the essentials, offers insurance, uses eco-friendly and off-grid camper vans, and has a bilingual staff. Their campervans are also pet-friendly, so you can take your furry friend with you!

7. Trips Booker Canada

Trips Booker Canada offers low flight fares to countless destinations, namely Paris, London, Amman, Athens, Barcelona, Prague, and many others. They also have handpicked hotel deals and vacation package deals.

Worried about your budget? Trips Booker Canada allows you to pay back your tickets or dream vacation in 3 to 24 months. This makes your trip more budget-friendly!

8. Sunrise Travels

With its tagline, “a world of endless travel possibilities,” it’s easy to see why Sunrise Travels has become a favourite among many travellers. This multicultural travel agency in Calgary offers services in Canada, India, the United States, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and many other locations.

Their staff speaks English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi and is available 24/7 thru WhatsApp.

9. Marlin Travel

Marlin Travel is a one-stop shop for all your travel needs. The travel agency offers vacation packages, flights, cruises, accommodations, car rentals, and tours and activities. They can also plan for your wedding destination, group vacation, and trips to Walt Disney World Resort.

Marlin Travel creates customized packages based on your travel dates and budget, so you have to provide details about your trip on their website.

10. The Travel Lady

With more than 25 years of travel experience and a team of travel experts, The Travel Lady guarantees a stress-free trip. They have packages to popular destinations around the world, namely Africa, Alaska, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, Hawaii — the list goes on!

You can also book a trip with this travel agency by the cruise line and travel type (ocean cruise, river cruise, long stay vacation, or guided trip).

11. Crowfoot Travel Solutions

Whether you’re looking for all-inclusive vacations, escorted vacations, cruises, or culinary adventures, Crowfoot Travel Solutions will make your next trip the best. This travel agency started in 1999 and continues to offer the best travel deals. They cater to many travel destinations, such as Miami, Rome, Florence, Moscow, Beijing, and so much more.

12. Big World Travel

Booking a unique experience is easy with Big World Travel. Type in your preferred destination, tour, or city, and the agency will search for the best deals for you. For a hassle-free trip, avail of their all-inclusive packages. Or, if you want more flexibility, pay for airfare, car rentals, packages, accommodation, or activities individually.

Big World Travel features different promotions, so make sure to visit their site regularly!

13. Four Stories Travel

Four Stories Travel has different packages for all-inclusive getaways (including cruises, resorts, and tours), group travels, and destination weddings. Just send the travel agency an email containing details about your next trip, so they can prepare a personalized package for you.

The site also features different travel accessories, ranging from bags to essential oils.

14. Tier One Travel

Tier One Travel prides itself on being an expert in planning life-changing travel experiences. This Canadian-owned travel agency offers vacation and corporate travel services and caters to many destinations, like Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, just to name a few. 

Tier One Travel also helps you pick the perfect destination as you can browse them by travel style: adventure, culture, business, cruise, family, beach, or weddings.

15. Travel Far and Beyond

Travel Far and Beyond has been in business for 24 years and offers full travel services with a specialization in trips around Asia. This travel agency guarantees a stress-free travel experience as they’ll book flights, schedule trains, reserve hotels, fill out visa applications, purchase insurance, and more. They also handle all documents for workers travelling to and from Asia.

The staff behind Travel Far and Beyond speaks multiple languages, such as English, Mandarin, Punjabi, Hindi, Cantonese, and Marathi.

16. Moon Travel and Tours

Moon Travel and Tours has seat sales daily, making trips more affordable. This travel agency offers land tour packages, cruise holidays, and all-inclusive packages to Cuba, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Las Vegas, and several US destinations. They also specialize in Umrah and Hajj packages.

Moon Travel and Tours also has Disney packages and offers travel insurance to its clients. You can send a travel request through their site to determine the best prices, dates, and promotions for your preferred destination.

Pros and Cons of Travel Agencies in Calgary

Whether it’s a Chinese, Indian, or multicultural travel agency, using any for your next trip has pros and cons. Here, we’ll weigh them both, so you can manage expectations.


  • Another person plans your trip: Using a travel agency ensures convenience. Just let them know where you want to go and when you’re going to travel, and they’ll take care of everything on your behalf.
  • Price: It’s easy for travel agencies to snag you cheaper, better-bundled deals on your trip. Letting them plan your travel usually means more savings.
  • You have an ally: Travel agencies are always on your side, meaning they can help sort things fast, like when the hotel loses your reservation or an airline cancels your flight.
  • Prioritizes your happiness: Airlines and hotels don’t care when you rebook or cancel, as they can always make profits from other travellers. This isn’t the case with travel agencies. They have a limited number of clients and will strive to make every client happy to earn repeat business.


  • Another person plans your trip: Other travellers love the experience of planning their trips and wouldn’t want an agency to take control.
  • Consider another person’s availability: When you travel by yourself, you can do anything anytime, anywhere. With a travel agent, you’ll have to consider another person’s availability. For instance, if you want to visit Hawaii at 3 PM on a Sunday and book a flight at that very moment, a travel agent can’t help you. You must wait until Monday morning to have a travel agent book your flight and accommodation.
  • Find an agent: Finding a travel agent who is experienced in the kind of travel you enjoy requires patience and time — things that not all travellers have.

Is It Worth It To Use a Travel Agency?

The short answer is yes. Using a travel agency is worth it, especially if you’re planning on a complex or expensive trip, a honeymoon, or travelling in a group. Travel agencies have access to various deals and bulk-buying options, which solo travellers don’t.

Additionally, travel agencies are perfect for individuals who don’t want to stress out planning a big, complicated trip. Travel agencies guarantee peace of mind as they’ll handle everything for their customers — from spending hours researching the best flights to booking day tours.

Find The Best Travel Agency

The benefits of using a travel agency outweigh its drawbacks, so make sure to look for one when next you decide you’re travelling. By working with one of the best travel agencies in Calgary, your next trip could surely be one for the books!


Is it cheaper to book through a travel agent?

Booking with travel agents is usually cheaper than booking online, as agents have access to many money-saving packages and deals.

Is it better to book with a travel agent or online?

It’s better to book with a travel agent as it ensures a better trip without the hassles of planning the trip by yourself. Travel agents can also accommodate your time frame, budget, and interests to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your trip.

Is there a charge for using a travel agent?

The cost of using a travel agency in Calgary is marginal, and some might not even charge you at all. Most of the income of travel agencies comes from commissions the wholesalers and hotels pay them.

Do travel agents match online prices?

Yes, travel agents match online prices, and most of the time, they even beat them by offering cheaper plans!


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