25 Best Family Vacation Destinations in Canada in 2024

With the pandemic mostly behind us, you’re probably planning to retake your family for the awaited vacation, and look no further than our own!

Canada is overflowing with unparalleled holiday destinations—gorgeous beaches of Prince Edward Islands, Niagara Falls of Ontario, stunning lakes of Alberta, and the sensational outdoors of all-inclusive family resorts around the countryside.

See the best of the country with your children with this list of 25 best family vacation destinations in Canada this year!

Key Takeaways

  • The best family summer destinations in Canada that should be on your bucket list are Prince Edward Island, Niagara, Vancouver, Quebec, and Toronto, all catering to different summer experiences.
  • Canada has many all-inclusive family resorts, like Shamrock Lodge, Watermark Beach Resort, Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort, and White Point Beach Resort.
  • For Canada’s best family road trips, don’t miss out on the Grasslands National Park, Crowsnest Highway, and Jasper National Park.

Best Family Summer Vacations in Canada

1. Prince Edward Island

image showing prince edward island
Image Credit: ArtTower | Pixabay

You’ll have the best family summer vacations in Canada in the paradise-like Prince Edward Island! It’s beach day all year round (almost) with the red-coloured sand bays of Chelton and Thunder Cove Beaches and the soft dunes of Cavendish Beach.

Explore the entertaining PEI sites like the Green Gables Heritage Place and the Prince Edward Island National Park for outdoor activities, and visit their fishing villages like Victoria by the Sea for historical learning.

2. Niagara Falls

Find solace in the beautiful and relaxing Niagara Falls with its many activities; it is truly the best family summer vacation in Canada! Start your trip with the majestic views of Niagara Falls, then take an exciting boat ride on the Hornblower to get an up-close view of the falls.

Can’t get enough of these? Continue your journey in Clifton Hill with just a few meter walk for fun activities like arcades, haunted houses, and mini golf that your family will enjoy.

3. Vancouver

Experience the blend of outdoor activities and cultural trips in Vancouver! if you are a person who loves outdoor activities, it is highly suggested that you must start your journey in Vancouver in Kitsilano Beach, where you and your family can relish the playground and feel the breeze from the Sea.

But if you are looking for a trip full of knowledge, go for the Science World and experience the interactive display at the Museum of Vancouver. On top of that, your family can also pay a visit to Grand Ville Islands for many family-friendly activities and a lively market. Indeed, Vancouver has some of the best family vacation spots in Canada.

4. Banff

image showing banff national park
Image Credit: 12019 | Pixabay

At the center of the Canadian Rockies lies the evergreen attractions like the Banff National Park, where you can engage in different activities like wildlife spotting and hiking trails. Here you can also relax and watch the water flowing from Lake Louise and Moraine Lake elegantly or take a ride on the beautiful Icefield Parkway.

For family activities, you can ride the Banff Gondola to see the picturesque view. Lastly, have a great time snowboarding, skiing, and snowball fights at nearby resorts like Sunshine Village and Lake Louise Ski Resort.

5. Quebec City

Quebec City offers an unforgettable and promising family vacation with several family-friendly activities.

You start your trip by roaming around the historic Old Town, where you can see cobblestone streets, and take advantage of the Plains of Abraham for breathtaking views and outdoor activities.

Lastly, a visit to Quebec City is only complete with the D’Youville, where you can enjoy some activities like ice skating and horse-drawn carriage.

6. Toronto

Are you looking for a perfect vacation spot for your family? Toronto might be the ideal fit for you. It offers many activities your family can enjoy, from sightseeing to outdoor activities and shopping.

Begin your fun-filled vacation at CN Tower with its picturesque city views that you will surely enjoy, and have a good family time while on a picnic in High Parks. Lastly, visit Ripley’s Aquarium for a first-hand underwater escapade.

7. Montreal

image showing botanical garden in montreal canada
Image Credit: breaktime | Pixabay

Are you looking for a remarkable family experience? Look no more because Montereal got you covered. You can tour the historic Notre Dame Basilica, and you and your family can also roam around the Old streets of Montreal.

After that, you can head straight to Mount Royal Park, and have a taste of their delicious and mouth-watering delicacies like poutine and bagels. For lively nightlife, you can visit the Plateau-Mont-Royal. Indeed Montreal offers a lot of family-friendly activities.

8. Halifax

Halifax offers a lot of engaging yet affordable family summer vacations in Canada. Come and explore its wonders and take a tour of the historic waterfront!

You and your family can have a great time in public gardens and enjoy a picnic; After that, you can continue your journey to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, where you can take your time and appreciate different aquatic exhibits.

Finally, take your family to Halifax Seaport Farmers Market, where you can experience their beautiful lively culture and delectable food.

9. Saskatoon

Mountain hiking, biking, and historical journeys are some activities you can immerse yourself and your family in Saskatoon.

Begin your vacation at Meewasin Valley Trail, a picturesque aven alongside the South Saskatchewan River. It is a perfect place for a bicycle ride or hike, and you can also drop by Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park to see the diverse wildlife.

Complete your trip by visiting the Remai Modern Museum for immersive art and culture exposure.

Best All-Inclusive Family Resorts in Canada

10. Shamrock Lodge, Ontario

If you’re looking for the best waterfront retreat in Ontario, try Shamrock Lodge in Port Carling, one of Canada’s best all-inclusive family resorts. This beautiful lakeside resort along the shores of Lake Rosseau is a Tripadvisor Traveler’s Choice Hotel with 5-star ratings that you should experience.

Confidently, you’ll be jam-packed with many beachfront activities like swimming, kayaking, pedal boating, paddle boarding, water-skiing, and tubing. There are also pontoon, ice cream boat cruises, and an indoor pool to enjoy.

You can also enjoy indoor sports like tennis, basketball, and billiards at the recreation center. You can even request bonfires for your whole family to spice things up at night.

11. Watermark Beach Resort, BC

Check out the Watermark Beach Resort adjacent to Osoyoos Lake for a modern staycation-style holiday!

Aside from the magnificent mountainous lakeside backdrops, there are a bunch of world-class amenities, engaging activities, and tasty dining experiences that you’ll get into, perfect for families.

You can try out some indoor games like bingo, bridge nights, and casino tours; outdoor adventures like fishing, golfing, skiing, snowmobiling, horseback riding, and outdoor hot tubs; sports adventures like coyotes, ice hockey, and much more.

12. Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort, Alberta

With some of the best family vacation spots, Alberta has the year-round lodging mountain lake resort in the south, the Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort.

It is one of the best family summer vacations in Canada, with countless activities! There are superb hiking trails like the Triple Crown of Waterton, backcountry skiing, cross-country skiing, hiking, and a search for wildlife.

Have bonding with your kids through golfing, fishing, camping, paddle boarding, and geocaching. Even with the rainy days, there are many family vacation ideas for you in Waterton, including watching movies at the Waterton Opera House, picnicking at the camp kitchen by the lake, getting occupied by swimming, or exercising at the recreation center.

13. Viamede Resort, Ontario

Viamede Resort is a lakeside pet-friendly resort on the verge of Stoney Lake in Ontario that can be your second summer home. The resort is one of the all-inclusive family resorts in Canada that you’ll surely love more and more each time you visit in summer.

This epic resort has self-directed activities that you can enjoy—private forest trails, getting wet at the indoor and outdoor pools and the sandy beach, fishing with Ben, and geocaching.

14. Fiddler Lake Resort, Quebec

With chalets in style nestled on the shores of Fiddler Lake, this resort is top-notch and perfect for families on vacation!

Breathe in the nature vibe the resort is given with its sophisticated log homes and lush green forests ideal for hiking and the 2.8 square-kilometre Fiddler Lake for kayaking, swimming, or canoeing.

Some other amenities available are two heated pools, hiking trails, a kids’ playground, a skating rink, a tennis court, pickleball courts, badminton, basketball, and many more.

15. White Point Beach Resort, Nova Scotia

White Point is one of the all-year-round family vacation resorts in Canada that offer unique family activities and where meals are included! It is also one of Canada’s most affordable family vacations, with prices ranging from $165 to $773 for two nights.

On top of that, you can choose from three available family vacation packages depending on your taste — SEAscape Getaway Package, Family Beach Break, and Travel with the CAT at Selected Preferred Accommodation Partner.

16. Kilmory Resort, Newfoundland

Many family vacation resorts in Canada serve their guests with top-notch amenities and activities. Kilmory Resort is exceptional as it is naturally world-class, with splendid waterfront views and lush green forests!

Aside from its waterfront views, are four-star pine log chalets complete with kitchenettes and everything you need — from the refrigerator, dishes, cutlery, and stove to the coffee maker, microwave oven, and private picnic tables.

17. The Algonquin Resort, New Brunswick

I am sure you’ll be mesmerized by the charming beauty of The Algonquin Resort with its mix of historic yet modern takes!

This seaside resort can take you to a new world full of relaxation and excitement with its world-class spa, coastal golf courses, whale-watching tours, romantic dinner, and swimming.

They also hold special events and festivals like the 80s Dance Party and the St. Andrews-By-The-Sea Comedy Festival.

Best Family Road Trips in Canada

18. Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick

image showing bay of fundy
Image Credit: Graham-H | Pixabay

Super high tides, sea caves, nature, wildlife — these things you would expect while traversing the trail of Bay of Fundy, a loaded road trip!

It’s an adventure to see the world’s highest tides reaching four-story building heights, fishing villages to experience the culture and seafood, and the Fundy National Park for lush green forests, waterfalls, incredible wildlife, and several outdoor activities.

As you wander over the Fundy Coast, you’ll stumble upon many more things your family will enjoy! There’s the stunning fishing village of Saint John with shops and historic walking tours, the New River Beach Provincial Park for camping and exploring the beaches, and the Charlotte Coastal Region for an island escape.

19. Crowsnest Highway, British Columbia

Running from west to east of BC, Crowsnest Highway is a scenic road trip of mountains, lakes, orchards, and wineries! First, visit the beautiful town of Osoyoos, famous for its wineries, the Osoyoos Lake, and the desert landscape.

Then explore the nearby towns and communities of Greenwood, Rossland, Nelson, Creston, and Castlegar for an immersive experience of their culture, history, and purchase from a couple of shops and boutiques.

There’s also Christina Lake, with pristine waters perfect for swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, or sunbathing on its sandy beaches.

20. Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

image showing Grasslands National Park
Image Credit: benkrut | Depositphotos

In Grassland National Park, you’ll experience one of Canada’s most mesmerizing road trips. With a sight of coyotes and bison, scenic and unique landscapes, and a couple of activities like camping, hiking, geocaching, and astronomy-related, it’s one of the best!

On the east block, experience the best drive of your life, sighting the 11-km stretch of Badlands Parkway, with a view of Rock Creek and the grasslands. You may also go camping here!

While on the west block, take the ecotour scenic drive through the Frenchman River Valley with views of the buttes, coulees, bison, prairie dogs, and some archaeological sites.

21. Gaspésie, Québec

As one of Canada’s “Place of a Lifetime,” Gaspésie is like a treat to the eyes with its never-ending sea and mountain views! Well, not just that, but this road trip is so extra that you can explore not just one but four national parks and witness the famous stone formation of Perce Rock.

The highlight of your road trip would be driving along the shores of the Gulf of Lawrence and stopping by Chaleur Bay. Are you thinking of what to do there? Plenty—swimming, kayaking, canoeing, snorkelling, tubing, ziplining, and many more.

22. Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

image showing Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia
Image Credit: vadimkatch | Depositphotos

Cabot Trail lets you experience one of the best family road trips in Canada. There are five hours of non-stop scenic chains of Cape Breton’s coastal and highland views; More than that; the trail is a magical portal to a lot of hidden gems and activities that your family will surely enjoy.

Here you can explore many outdoor and coastal adventures such as private sailing tours, whale watching, kayaking, biking, glamping, ATVing, surfing, and river tubing.

You can even experience the best resort beaches alongside the Atlantic Ocean with world-class golf courses like Cabot Cliffs and Cabot Links and award-winning lodges like the Cabot Links Lodge.

23. Icefields Parkway, Alberta

image showing icefields parkway in alberta
Image Credit: 12019 | Pixabay

This 232-km Icefields Parkway in Alberta is one of Canada’s best family road trips because of the most scenic circuitous routes in the world!

Connecting Lake Louise to Banff to Jasper, prepare to be amazed by the breathtaking things to do and see, from glaciers, valleys, Canadian Rockies, and forests to its pristine lakes and waterfalls.

Some popular stops along the way are the turquoise-coloured Bow Lake, Weeping Wall, Glacier SkyWalk, Waterfowl Lakes, Bridal Veil Falls, and thundering Athabaskan Falls. Hike the Valley of the Ten Peaks, the Plain of Six Glaciers, and reach the highest point of the Icefields Parkway.

If you want the best photo op, head to The Columbia Icefield, the Tangle Falls, and the Sunwapta Falls.

24. Jasper National Park

The most memorable place in Alberta, Canada, Jasper National Park, is an over 10,000 square-kilometre gem that offers one of the best family road trips in Canada with scenic landscapes, glaciers, abundant wildlife, and exciting outdoor activities that your kids will love!

The park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains is a chain of enjoyable activities, including boating, fishing, wildlife viewing tours, and trail hiking. Take advantage of the attractions like Pyramid Lake, Columbia Icefield, Maligne Canyon, Athabaskan Falls, and even the Icefields Parkway or Highway 93 for the world’s most scenic drive.

25. Manitoba (Interlake Region)

Interconnected by massive lakes Winnipeg and Manitoba, there’s so much adventure to be had one of the top road trips in Manitoba!

Must-visits are the spotlight attractions of Manitoba Museum, Assiniboine Park & Zoo, Royal Canadian Mint, and the scenic lakeside town of Gimli.

You can also stop by the famous wetlands of Oak-Hammock Marsh and Netley-Libau Marsh to witness the plentiful wildlife, especially birds from up high. Finally, your Manitoban road trip will only be complete when you hop off the car and spend the day on the beaches of Winnipeg Provincial Park, Patricia Provincial Park, and Grand Beach Provincial Park.


What is the nicest part of Canada to visit?

Toronto is the most excellent part of Canada, home to various beautiful attractions and family-friendly activities. Toronto perfectly blends cultural diversity and natural beauty from CN Tower to historical museums.

What is the cheapest time of year to visit Canada?

The cheapest months to visit Canada are from September to October. When the weather is unpredictable, it is also the perfect time because many famous attractions lower prices due to fewer tourists.

What is the number 1 tourist city in Canada?

Toronto is the leading tourist city in Canada. Known for its diverse and rich culture and one-of-a-kind landmarks, Toronto attracts millions of tourists every year.

Is Canada a good family holiday destination?

Without a doubt, Canada is a great family holiday destination; with its vast number of attractions, from its stunning national parks and museums to engaging outdoor activities, Canada offers A lot of fun and family-friendly activities. It is the perfect place to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

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