9 Strange American Sports You’ve Never Heard Of

You know, when I think of American sports, the usual suspects come to mind – baseball, basketball, and that crazy game they call football (which isn’t really about feet at all!). But guess what? I’ve been doing some digging, and it turns out the USA has a whole world of weird and wacky sports that most of us have never even heard of.

I’m talking about games that’ll make you go, “Wait, that’s a thing?” I’ve rounded up 9 of the strangest sports from across the pond that’ll have you scratching your head and maybe even wanting to give them a try.


Image Credit: Александр Пономарев from Pixabay

This game involves throwing bean bags into a hole on a tilted board. It’s popular at backyard parties and tailgates. There are even professional leagues and tournaments. Imagine getting famous for tossing bags of corn!


Image Credit: PlusCalidad Importaciones from Pixabay

It’s like a mix of tennis, badminton, and table tennis played on a small court. The name has nothing to do with pickles – it’s named after a dog! It’s becoming very popular, especially with older folks. Who knew you could make a sport by combining bits of other sports?

Roller Derby

Image Credit: JJ from Pixabay

Women on roller skates race around a track and try to knock each other down. It’s fast, rough, and the players have funny nicknames. The crowd gets really into it, cheering for big hits. It’s like rugby on wheels!

Wife Carrying

Image Credit: Andrey from Pixabay

Men race while carrying their wives through an obstacle course. The winner gets the wife’s weight in beer. It started as a joke but now has official rules and championships. Who knew marriage could be an endurance sport?

Competitive Eating

Image Credit: Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

People try to eat huge amounts of food faster than anyone else. There are contests for hot dogs, pies, and even butter! The champions are treated like athletes. It’s the only sport where training makes your stomach bigger, not smaller!

Lawn Mower Racing

Image Credit: Photo Mix from Pixabay

People race riding lawn mowers with their blades removed. There are different classes based on mower speed. It started as a joke but now has a national association. Imagine Grand Prix racing, but much slower and on grass!

Disc Golf

Image Credit: Joshua Choate from Pixabay

It’s like regular golf, but players throw flying discs instead of hitting balls. Courses are usually in parks with trees as obstacles. Players use different discs for different ‘shots’. It’s golf for people who think walking is too boring!

Turkey Bowling

Image Credit: Elsemargriet from Pixabay

Frozen turkeys are used as bowling balls to knock down bottles or pins. It’s often played in grocery store aisles around Thanksgiving. Some places have banned it because it can be messy. Who needs a bowling alley when you have a frozen bird?


Image Credit: from Pixabay

This sport is played by Afghan-Americans using a headless goat carcass. Players on horseback try to grab the carcass and get it into a goal. It’s incredibly rough and can last for days. Imagine polo, but much more intense and with a very unusual ball!

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