20 Wildlife You Need To Look Out for When Traveling in Australia

Thinking about a trip to Australia? Get ready for some wild encounters! From hopping kangaroos to cuddly koalas, there’s so much to see. But it’s not all cute and cuddly- Australia also has some animals that you need to watch out for.

This article will introduce you to 20 Australian animals that might cross your path. Some are dangerous, some rare, and some plain cool.

1. Box Jellyfish

These nearly invisible jellyfish have very strong venom. They live in the northern waters of Australia. Their sting can be deadly to humans. Always follow beach warnings and wear protective clothing when swimming in their habitat.

2. Saltwater Crocodile

The largest living reptile in the world. They can be found in northern Australia’s waters and beaches. These crocs are very aggressive and can be deadly. Never swim in areas with crocodile warnings.

3. Eastern Brown Snake

Image Credits: Storme22k/Pixabay

One of the most venomous snakes in the world. They’re found across eastern Australia. These snakes are fast and aggressive when threatened; if you see one, back away slowly and don’t try to catch or kill it.

4. Sydney Funnel-web Spider

A highly venomous spider found in eastern Australia. They like to hide in cool, damp places. Their bite can be very dangerous to humans. Be careful when gardening or moving rocks and logs.

5. Blue-ringed Octopus

A small but deadly octopus found in tide pools and coral reefs. Its bright blue rings are a warning sign. Its bite can cause paralysis and death. Never touch or pick up small octopuses.

6. Kangaroo

Image Credits: pen_ash/Pixabay

Australia’s most famous animal. They hop on powerful back legs and can be very tall. Kangaroos live all over Australia. Be careful driving at dawn and dusk when they’re most active.

7. Koala

These cute tree-dwelling marsupials eat only eucalyptus leaves. They sleep up to 20 hours a day. Koalas are found in eastern and southern Australia. Look up gum trees to spot them.

8. Tasmanian Devil

A small but fierce marsupial only found in Tasmania. They have very loud and disturbing screech. Tasmanian devils are mostly active at night. They’re endangered, so it’s special if you see one.

9. Platypus

Image Credits:o Birmingham Museums Trust/Unsplash

A strange egg-laying mammal with a duck-like bill. They live in freshwater areas of eastern Australia. Platypuses are shy and hard to spot. Look for them at dawn or dusk in calm rivers.

10. Dingo

Australia’s wild dog is found across most of the country. They look like medium-sized domestic dogs. Dingoes can be dangerous, especially if fed by humans. Never approach or feed them.

11. Emu

The second-largest bird in the world after the ostrich. Emus can’t fly but can run very fast. They’re found across most of mainland Australia. Keep your distance, as they can be aggressive.

12. Kookaburra

Image Credits: pen_ash/Pixabay

Famous for its laugh-like call. Kookaburras are large kingfishers found in forests. They eat small animals and can steal food from picnics. Listen for their distinctive call, especially at dawn and dusk.

13. Cassowary

A large flightless bird found in north Queensland’s rainforests. They have a blue neck and a horn-like crest. Cassowaries can be very dangerous if threatened. Always keep your distance and never feed them.

14. Magpie

Black and white birds are found across Australia. They’re known for swooping on people during breeding season. If you’re swooped, stay calm and move away quickly. Some people wear hats with eyes drawn on the back to deter magpies.

15. Galah

Image Credits: pen_ash/Pixabay

A pink and grey cockatoo is common across Australia. They’re often seen in large, noisy flocks. Galahs are very intelligent and can be seen as pests. Watch for them in parks and open areas.

16. Great White Shark

A large predatory shark is found in southern Australian waters. They’re feared, but attacks on humans are rare. Always swim at patrolled beaches and follow safety advice.

17. Humpback Whale

These giant mammals migrate along Australia’s coast. You can often see them from the shore during migration season. Whale-watching tours are popular in many coastal areas.

18. Dugong

Image Credits: dietmaha/Pixabay

Sea cows that graze on seagrass in northern Australian waters. They’re shy and hard to spot. Dugongs are vulnerable to boat strikes, so be careful when boating in their habitat.

19. Leafy Sea Dragon

A unique fish related to seahorses. They look like floating seaweed. Leafy sea dragons are found in southern Australian waters. Scuba divers love to search for these well-camouflaged creatures.

20. Clownfish

Made famous by the movie “Finding Nemo.” They live in sea anemones on the Great Barrier Reef. Clownfish are small but brightly colored. You can see them while snorkeling or diving on the reef.

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