18 Things People Want Banned in the U.S.

In America, people often talk about what they’d like to change. From everyday annoyances to big social issues, there’s no shortage of things folks think could be improved. Sometimes, these ideas are about banning certain items or practices that many believe are causing problems. Some might surprise you, while others you may have thought about yourself.

Plastic Bags

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Many want to ban single-use plastic bags from stores. These bags harm the environment and often end up in oceans. Some cities already have bans in place. Reusable bags are a popular alternative that many shoppers are getting used to.

Loud Commercials

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Some folks are tired of TV ads being louder than the shows. It can be jarring and annoying, especially late at night. While there are rules about this, people still complain. Many want stricter laws or a total ban on the practice.

Spam Calls

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Unwanted phone calls are a big headache for many. These calls can be scams or just annoying sales pitches. Despite some laws, spam calls keep coming. People want tougher rules to stop these interruptions for good.

Puppy Mills

Image Credit: Trương Hoàng Huy Ngân from Pixabay

These are places that breed dogs in poor conditions. Many puppies from mills are sick or have behavior problems. Animal lovers want to ban these operations, as they prefer people adopt from shelters or buy from responsible breeders.

Styrofoam Containers

Image Credit: Justus Menke from Pexels

Like plastic bags, styrofoam is bad for the environment. It doesn’t break down and can harm wildlife. Some want it banned, especially for food containers. There are more eco-friendly options available that work just as well.


Image Credit: svklimkin from Pixabay

While smoking is less common now, some want cigarettes totally banned. They point to health risks and litter from cigarette butts. This idea is controversial, as many believe adults should have the choice to smoke.

Unlimited Political Donations

Image Credit: Heather from Pixabay

Some think big money has too much influence in politics. They want to ban unlimited donations to political campaigns. The idea is to make elections fairer and reduce the power of wealthy donors.


Image Credit: (El Caminante) from Pixabay

Believe it or not, some want to get rid of the penny. They say it costs more to make than it’s worth. Many people find pennies annoying and rarely use them. Countries like Canada have already stopped making their smallest coins.

Artificial Trans Fats

Image Credit: congerdesign from Pixabay

These unhealthy fats are already banned in some places. They’re linked to heart problems and other health issues. Many want a total ban across the country. Most food makers have already found alternatives.

Texting While Driving

Image Credit: Roman Pohorecki from Pexels

This dangerous habit causes many accidents. While it’s illegal in most places, some want stricter bans. They think current laws aren’t enough to stop people from texting behind the wheel.


Image Credit: Orna from Pixabay

This is when voting districts are drawn unfairly to help one party win. Many think it’s cheating and want it banned. They say it makes some votes count less than others. It’s a complex issue that affects how our government works.

Photoshopped Ads

Image Credit: Huy An Nguyen from Pixabay

Some want to ban heavily edited photos in ads, especially for beauty products. They say these images set unrealistic standards. The idea is to help people feel better about their own looks.

Private Prisons

Image Credit: Marcello Rabozzi from Pixabay

These are jails run by companies, not the government. Some think they focus too much on making money, not helping inmates. Banning them would be a big change to the prison system.

Declawing cats

Image Credit: rihaij from Pixabay

Declawing removes part of a cat’s toes to stop them from scratching. Many vets say it’s cruel and causes long-term pain. Some places have banned it already. Others think owners should have the choice to protect their furniture.

Child marriage

Image Credit: Irina Semibratova from Pixabay

In some states, kids under 18 can get married with parental permission. Many people think this is wrong and want it banned everywhere. They worry about forced marriages and think kids are too young to make this decision.

Child beauty pageants

Image Credit: Jansel Ferma from Pexels

These are contests where young kids dress up and compete based on looks. Some people think they’re bad for kids’ self-esteem. They worry it teaches children to care too much about appearance. Supporters say it builds confidence.

Predatory lending

Image Credit: Raten-Kauf from Pixabay

This is when lenders charge very high interest rates, often to people who are already struggling with money. It can trap people in debt. Some want to ban these practices to protect vulnerable people. Others say it limits financial options.

Microtransactions in video games

Image Credit: Anthony Ashley from Pixabay

These are small payments in games, often aimed at kids. They can add up to big costs for parents. Some think they’re too much like gambling and should be banned in games for children.

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