15 Things in Japan That Will Make You Feel Like You Are in 2050

Japan is known for its steadfast innovation. From super-fast bullet trains to quirky robot cafes, this country has a knack for making the future feel like the present.

If you plan to visit this country, you’ll be amazed at how futuristic some things seem- almost like you’ve time-traveled to 2050! Get ready to have your mind blown by these 15 crazy cool things that will make you feel like you’re living in the future.

Image Credits: TheDigitalArtist/Pixabay

1. Robotic Assistance

In Japan, robots help humans with all sorts of tasks- from serving food to providing companionship. These extremely life-like robots use advanced AI to understand commands and even mimic human emotions. You’ll be amazed at how human-like they seem!

2. Self-Driving Taxis

Forget hiring a cab driver; in Japan, driverless taxis use sensors and cameras to navigate the roads completely on their own. Just tell the taxi where you want to go, and it will get you there safely with no human behind the wheel. However, this hasn’t reached nationwide, so you may find them in more innovative areas like Tokyo.

3. Digital Fitting Rooms

Shopping for clothes is a breeze thanks to digital fitting rooms that use cameras and augmented reality. Simply stand in front of the mirror, and you can virtually “try on” different outfits without ever-changing clothes!

4. Smart Homes

Image Credits: Pixaline/Pixabay

Many Japanese homes are decked out with the latest smart home technology. Lights, temperature, and appliances can all be controlled by voice commands or smartphone apps. Talk about convenience, right?

5. Exoskeleton Suits

Elderly people and workers in Japan often use mechanized exoskeleton suits to increase strength and mobility. These wearable robotic frames assist with tasks like lifting or walking.

6. Holographic Entertainers

Image Credits: PrettySleepy/Pixabay

Instead of human performers, some venues in Japan feature holographic avatars and entertainers. These remarkably realistic holograms can sing, dance, and interact with the audience through AI.

7. Vertical Farms

With limited land, Japan utilizes vertical farming- growing fruits and veggies indoors in tall and stacked layers. LED lights and hydroponics allow these high-tech farms to produce fresh food very efficiently.

8. Automated Convenience Stores

If you think that the convenience stores in your country are advanced wait until you see Japan’s take on this. Even these small stores feel futuristic because they are completely run by robots! You can grab snacks and pay without any human staff through automated machines.

9. Maglev Trains

Image Credits: ArminEP/Pixabay

Japan’s lightning-fast maglev trains use powerful electromagnets to levitate above the rails, eliminating friction. These super-smooth trains can reach incredible speeds over 300 mph!

10. Holographic Advertisements

Instead of traditional billboards, Japan uses cutting-edge holographic displays for advertising. These eye-catching 3D hologram ads seem to float in mid-air!

11. Smart Infrastructure

If you think that AI-assisted technology is only found in their homes, well, that’s where you’re wrong. Japan has implemented smart city infrastructure – things like intelligent traffic signals, energy-saving street lamps, and sensors to monitor air quality and weather. This digital network helps the city run more efficiently.

12. Avatar Interactions

Using highly realistic avatars through virtual reality, people in Japan can interact with digital humans for things like banking, shopping, or even dating! The avatar acts and responds like a real person.

13. Flying Drones

Image Credits: Pok Rie/Pixabay

Drones are used all over Japan- for things like delivery, photography, safety inspections of buildings, and even monitoring crops on farms. Many drones use autonomous flight and obstacle avoidance.

14. Mind-Controlled Gadgets

In Japan, you can control certain gadgets and devices using just your thoughts! Special headsets detect your brain’s electrical signals to let you interact hands-free.

15. Augmented Reality Maps

Need directions in Japan? No problem! You can view an augmented reality map overlaid on your real surroundings using AR glasses or your smartphone. Arrows and icons point you the right way preventing you from getting lost in the bustling streets of Tokyo.


From robots that can read your mind to flying taxis in the sky, Japan is truly a country living in the future. A trip to Japan will make you feel like you’ve somehow time-traveled 20-30 years ahead- it’s a fascinating glimpse of what incredible innovations the world may see in the decades to come.


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