15 Places with Strict Photo Bans You Need To Know Before Visiting

Ever been excited to snap a photo of a cool place, only to see a “No Photography” sign? It happens more often than you might think! Some of the world’s most amazing spots have strict rules about taking pictures.

Whether it’s to protect ancient art, keep things peaceful, or guard top secrets, these places say “no” to cameras. Let’s check out these camera-shy locations!

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1. The Sistine Chapel, Vatican City

The famous ceiling painted by Michelangelo is off-limits for photos. This rule protects the artwork from camera flashes. It also keeps the chapel quiet and respectful. Guards will remind you if you try to sneak a pic.

2. Crown Jewels, Tower of London

These priceless jewels are heavily guarded. No photos are allowed to protect their security. The ban also keeps the viewing line moving quickly. You’ll have to rely on your memory for this dazzling display.

3. Taj Mahal interior, India

Image Credits: UlisesRomero/Pixabay

While you can snap away outside, cameras are banned inside the Taj Mahal. This protects the delicate inlay work and maintains a peaceful atmosphere. Guards are strict about enforcing this rule. You’ll need to soak in the beauty with your eyes only.

4. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

To protect the paintings, no photos are allowed in this famous museum. The ban helps preserve Van Gogh‘s vibrant colors. It also keeps the museum calm for visitors. You can buy postcards in the gift shop instead.

5. Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, Israel

Photography is not allowed in most areas of this solemn museum. The ban helps maintain a respectful atmosphere. It encourages visitors to focus on the exhibits, not their cameras. Some outdoor areas do allow photos.

6. Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland

Image Credits: bluebudgie/Pixabay

Made famous by “The Da Vinci Code,” this chapel bans interior photos. The rule protects the intricate carvings and stained glass. It also maintains a reverent atmosphere for worship. You can take photos outside the chapel.

7. Abu Simbel Temples, Egypt

These amazing temples don’t allow photos inside. The ban protects the ancient paintings and carvings. It also keeps the temples quiet for visitors. You can take all the exterior shots you want, though.

8. Caverne du Pont-d’Arc, France

This replica of the Chauvet Cave bans photography to protect the artwork. The no-photo rule keeps the tour moving smoothly. It also helps maintain the cave-like atmosphere. You’ll find approved images in the gift shop.

9. Supreme Court, United States

Image Credits: ArtisticOperations/Pixabay

The highest court in the U.S. doesn’t allow any photography. This rule maintains the court’s dignity and security. It also protects the privacy of those in court. You’ll have to describe the impressive courtroom in words.

10. Sagrada Familia Basilica, Spain

While you can photograph the outside, pictures inside are banned. This rule keeps the church peaceful for prayer and reflection. It also protects the intricate artwork and stained glass. The ban applies to all interior spaces.

11. Valley of the Kings, Egypt

Photography is strictly forbidden inside the ancient tombs. This protects the delicate paintings and artifacts. The ban also maintains a respectful atmosphere. You can often buy approved photos at the site.

12. Hangar 18, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, USA

Image Credits: Canva/Pixabay

This mysterious hangar is completely off-limits to cameras. It’s part of a working military base with strict security. Some believe it houses UFO evidence. Whatever’s inside, you won’t be sharing it on social media.

13. Meenakshi Temple, India

The interior of this colorful temple bans all photography. This keeps the space sacred for worshippers. It also protects the intricate carvings and paintings. You can take photos of the impressive towers from outside.

14. Lenin’s Mausoleum, Russia

Image Credits: Dmitry Ant/Unsplash

Photography is strictly forbidden inside this famous tomb. The ban maintains a respectful atmosphere. It also keeps the line moving quickly. Guards will confiscate cameras if you try to use them.

15. Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

This important Shinto shrine bans all photography. The rule preserves the mystery and sanctity of the site. It encourages visitors to experience the shrine without distractions. Even the emperors follow this strict rule.


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