15 Hotel Secrets You Wish You Knew Sooner

Hotels can be tricky. They have many little secrets and insider tips most guests don’t know about, from getting free upgrades and late checkouts to saving money on parking and Wi-Fi. There are many hacks to improve your stay.

Get ready because this article will spill all the juicy hotel secrets straight from industry insiders.

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1. The Best Time to Check-In

Want an upgraded room for free? Try checking in after 6 PM or 7 PM. Hotels often give away nicer rooms that are still vacant to guests arriving later since it beats having that room empty.

2. Ask for a Room Change

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If you get a room and it’s not what you wanted, just go back to the front desk right away and politely ask to switch rooms. Hotels usually accommodate reasonable requests to avoid negative reviews.

3. Parking Lot Trick

Most hotels charge for parking, but there’s often free public street parking just a block or two away if you scout for spots. This can save you $20-30 per night! However, this trick has cons since you may end up with a flat tire or two.

4. Use a Rewards Program

Even if you just travel occasionally, you shouldn’t miss the chance to sign up for the hotel chain’s free rewards program. You’ll get perks like free Wi-Fi, late checkouts, and the ability to use points for free nights.

5. Get Free Bottled Water

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If you’re feeling parched, you often don’t have to purchase overpriced water from these lodgings. Most hotels are required to provide free drinking (potable) water when requested.

Instead of buying them, ask the front desk for complimentary water for your room. At worst, they will point you to a water fountain or similar where you can get water for free.

6. Score Free Toiletries

Need more soap, shampoo, or other bathroom items? Call housekeeping to request extra toiletries instead of paying for what’s in the hotel sundry shop. This saves you extra cash and items you can use during your stay,

7. Breakfast Buffet Secrets

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Your stay in a fancy lodging won’t be a delightful experience without food. So, scope out the breakfast buffet spread first, then take what you want on a plate back to your room. That way, you only pay for one buffet but get extras!

8. Join the VIP List

Follow your favorite hotels on social media and subscribe to their emails. They often give exclusive upgrades and discounts to their most loyal followers. This is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss!

9. Get a Mobile Key

Some hotels now let you use your smartphone as a mobile room key so you can go straight to your door without waiting at the front desk for a key card. You can also free yourself from worries if you’re a clumsy person who misplaces your things a lot.

10. Ask About Renovations

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Construction and renovations can make a hotel stay unpleasant. Always ask ahead about any current or upcoming projects that could affect your stay. Besides, they would love to hear your interest in coming back to their establishment.

11. They Can’t Raise Your Rate

Once you book your hotel rate, management is prohibited from raising the price further, even if the rates go up. So, if you find a good discount or drop in their prices, don’t hesitate to lock in the best deal early!

12. Get a Late Checkout

Most hotels let you extend your checkout time a few hours for free if you simply ask the front desk. However, this is based on the room’s availability for that day.

13. Check for Coupons

Image Credit: igorovsyannykov/Pixabay
Image Credit: igorovsyannykov/Pixabay

Before booking, thoroughly search online for any coupon codes or discounts. Travel sites and even the hotel’s website often have promotions. If you’re on a budget trip, spending a few minutes scrolling through their social media can save you a few bucks.

14. Use the Hotel Safe

The hotel safe is one of the most commonly snubbed items in a hotel room. When in reality, they could be of great use! Stash your valuables like laptops, jewelry, and passports in the safe to prevent theft.

15. Avoid Resort Fees

Resort fees are often optional at many hotels. You can refuse to pay them by booking an off-site rate or chalking it back at the front desk.

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Whether you’re a frequent or occasional traveler, keeping these insider hotel secrets in mind can save you money and hassle. From scoring free upgrades to avoiding unexpected fees, a few simple tips can really upgrade your next hotel stay. Now you’re ready to vacation like a pro!

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