11 Bizarre Ancient Rituals Silicon Valley Billionaires Swear By

Ever wonder what secrets the ultra-rich tech gurus of Silicon Valley are hiding? It turns out some of them have turned to ancient rituals to boost their success. From weird diets to odd sleeping habits, these billionaires are trying out some pretty strange stuff.

In this article, I’ll take a look at 11 bizarre practices that Silicon Valley’s elite swear by. Some of these rituals are thousands of years old, while others are new twists on old ideas.

Ice Baths

Image Credit: James Cheney  from Pexels

Some billionaires start their day by jumping into freezing cold water. They say it wakes them up fast and makes them feel alive. This comes from old ideas about cold water being good for health. It’s not easy, but they claim it gives them more energy and helps them think better.

Fasting Like Monks

Image Credit: Callum Shaw on Unsplash

Instead of eating breakfast, some tech bosses don’t eat for days at a time. They say it helps them focus and might help them live longer. This comes from old religious practices. It sounds hard, but they say it makes their minds clearer.

Tongue Scraping

Image Credit: Hans from Pixabay

This weird habit involves scraping your tongue with a special tool each morning. It comes from an old Indian health system. Tech leaders say it gets rid of bad breath and helps them taste food better. Some think it’s good for their whole body.

Barefoot Walking

Image Credit: Kati from Pixabay

Some rich tech folks like to walk outside with no shoes on. They think touching the ground with bare feet is good for them. This idea is very old. They say it helps them feel calmer and sleep better.

Sound Baths

Image Credit: Magicbowls from Pexels

Instead of quiet meditation, some billionaires lie down and listen to strange sounds made by special bowls. This comes from old Tibet. They say the sounds help them relax deeply and clear their minds. It’s like a spa day for their brains.

Nose Breathing

Image Credit:  Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Some tech leaders practice breathing through only one nostril at a time. This comes from old yoga. They say it helps balance their energy and makes them feel more focused. It might look silly, but they swear it works.

Tiny Doses of Plants

Image Credit: Alena Darmel  from Pexels

A few Silicon Valley folks take very small amounts of plants used in old rituals. They say it helps them be more creative. This comes from practices of native peoples. It’s not legal everywhere, but some say it gives them new ideas.

Floating Tanks

Image Credit: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Billionaires float in dark, quiet tanks filled with salt water. This is a new version of an old way to meditate. They say it helps them relax and think of new ideas. It’s like taking a break from the whole world.

Hot-Cold Shocks

Image Credit: Spencer Backman on Unsplash

Some rich tech people go from very hot rooms to very cold ones, over and over. This comes from old Nordic traditions. They say it helps their bodies fight sickness and deal with stress better.

Dream Control

Image Credit: Orange Fox from Pixabay

A few billionaires try to control their dreams while sleeping. This idea is from old Tibet. They say it helps them solve problems and be more creative, even while asleep. It’s like using your dreams as a tool.

Freezing Chambers

Image Credit: James Cheney from Pexels

This is like an extreme ice bath. People stand in a super cold room for a few minutes. It’s based on old ideas but uses new technology. Billionaires say it helps their bodies and might slow down aging.

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